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Henry Frey

Henry Frey

Project Manager

Henry is a Project Manager at Sosemo, focusing on resource management, scope tracking, driving cross-channel collaboration, and business intelligence. Henry ensures our teams are best positioned to deliver best-in-class results and within client-defined timelines.

Henry began managing cross-functional teams for Samsung’s eCommerce division, overseeing the development and execution of industry-leading digital experiences. Since leaving Samsung, Henry has managed digital, marketing, and branding projects for a diverse array of clients across the finance, manufacturing, technology, and consumer sectors.

When not buried in a sci-fi book or watching the latest limited series on HBO, Netflix, or Hulu, Henry can be found wandering one of New York’s museums or parks.

  • Favorite Quote: “Luminous beings are we, not this crude matter” -Yoda, Empire Strikes Back
  • Top three motivations: Seeing my peers succeed, being recognized for smart collaboration, proving pessimists wrong
  • Top three innovators: Nikole Hannah-Jones, Noam Chomsky, Fred Hampton